Merri yaluk (vaitafe)  (2014) by Léuli Eshraghi

Merri yaluk (vaitafe) (2014) by Léuli Eshraghi


Faʻamalama, continually-becoming-illumination/understanding, is a Sāmoan ceremonial practice of venerating ancestors, gods, lands, waters, skies of sacred territories at sunrise and sunset, that has survived European missionary violence. This is not an artwork. As a grateful visitor to Wurundjeri Country, Léuli invites you to gather rubbish around Birrarung yaluk, near where it joins Merri yaluk at the falls, to accompany him in clearing minds, and making offerings at sunset to this sacred waterway and its people. 

Ritual #12, Next Wave Festival 2018

5.18pm, Abbotsford Convent (meet at the Gold House)